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NOTE: The dates given, are the dates of when the news arrived at this office, and not the dates of when the events occurred. If the dates differ, they will usually be mentioned in the news item.

Latest News!

11th May 1997

Both Retribution and Wonderlust have been seen playing regularly at the Randwick centre.

ACT Laserzone is now running local leagues, which includes, amongst others, Syndicate, Dirty Half Dozen and Retribution.

6th November 1996

Manly team Retribution were seen recently at the Randwick centre, in training mode. Do they know something the rest of us don't?

30th July 1996

The Manly centre has closed.

6th June 1996

There will be a Randwick local league starting in July. Times and dates will be announced here once they are finalised.

The next Inter-Centre Challenge will most likely be held at the Randwick centre. Meetings will be held next week to work out where we stand after the fall of Wollongong and Blacktown. Either way, Inter-Centre Challenges WILL continue.

3rd June 1996

The Blacktown centre was shut down on the 2nd of June 1996.

22nd May 1996

The Wollongong centre was shut down on the 19th of May 1996.

17th March 1996

The April 1996 Inter-Centre has been set for the 14th of April, to be held at the Blacktown centre. Games start at 9am and will cost $120 per team.

4th February 1996

The March 1996 Inter-Centre has been set for the 3rd of March, to be held at the Wollongong centre. Games start at 9am and will cost $120 per team.

20th January 1996

Daniel Shorten (ex-Malevolance, Miranda) has joined Psychosis.

Five Wollongong players have been banned for three Inter-Centre competitions, for cheating. They are Daniel Redden (Therapists), Edward Cope (Therapists), Murray Dakas (Psychosis), Paul Bowden (Psychosis), Alex Rodillia (Specialists)

Nine other Wollongong players have been placed on standing warnings for similar offences.

3rd January 1996

Michael Payne (ex-Phoenix, Retribution, Serious) has joined Wollongong team Psychosis.

14th December 1995

Manly Laserzone now has very restricted opening hours. Contact the centre for more details.

A new centre has opened in the U.S.A., having read about Laserzone from this WWW site. Could the person please contact me so I know what's going on. This site is funded from my own bank account, and it would be nice to let head office know that the contact was through here. Aparently they don't even know! Sponsorship would be nice... Also, please send any centre or league details, so they can be included here.

28th November 1995

The Miranda centre has been shut down permanently. Any Miranda teams wishing to continue competition should contact the Governing Body ASAP.

26th November 1995

Steve Mould Jr. has been given a two competition suspension for violence under penalty.

12th November 1995

The Summer 1995 Nationals, to be held at the ACT centre, have been moved to January the 13th and 14th, 1996.

11th November 1995

Phoenix have permanently broken up, with one player joining Retribution, another two joining a reformation of Serious, and the rest leaving the game permanently.

5th November 1995

Retribution have permanently reformed.

1st October 1995

Therapists from Wollongong regained their Inter-Centre title at this month's Inter-Centre Challenge, at the Randwick centre. The final order was: Therapists (Wollongong), Retribution (George St.), Wonderlust (Blacktown), Psychosis (Wollongong), Malevolence (Miranda) / Yeah Yeah (Randwick), Long Shots (Manly) / Specialists (Wollongong) / Don't shoot us (Randwick). The rejuvenated B grade trophy was also won by Specialists (Wollongong).

Richard Bennett has rejoined the Governing Body after a two month retirement, bringing the membership back to five.

27th September 1995

Retribution will be back for a one off appearance at the upcoming October 1995 Inter-Centre at Randwick. No firm commitment has yet been given for a permanent return.

16th September 1995

The November Inter-Centre has been confirmed as being at the Penrith store. However, as yet no date has been set.

10th September 1995

Phoenix will not be at the October Inter-Centre, as two of their players will be out of town.

Wonderlust will be down one player at the October Inter-Centre. A replacement has yet to be named.

9th September 1995

The October 1995 Inter-Centre has been set for the 1st of October, to be held at the Randwick centre. Games start at 9am and will cost $120 per team.

Randwick has also installed new batteries, and upgraded the energisers to SU03.

4th September 1995

Therapists' eight month winning streak has been broken, by Wonderlust from Blacktown. The final order for the September 1995 Inter-Centre, held at the Miranda centre on the 3rd of September, was Wonderlust (Blacktown), Therapists (Wollongong), Phoenix (Manly), Malevolence (Miranda), Heretics (Miranda) / Recrimination (Manly), Rebellion (Wollongong) / Psychosis (Wollongong) / Specialists (Wollongong).

1st September 1995

Wonderlust will have their full team by Sunday, for the September 1995 Inter-Centre.

A rebel Wollongong team has been formed, unhappy with the way in which trials are run at the centre. Making their debut at Miranda, their name is Rebellion.

September 1995

The modern day Inter-Centre Challenge is now 12 months old. Happy Birthday!

25th August 1995

ACT Laserzone has a new manager, Ann (?). She was previously Assistant Manager, and before that Operations Manager for Laserzone itself. She has also played for various incarnations of teams Serious and Syndicate. Good luck Ann! Bring on the block!

22nd August 1995

Wonderlust will be playing at less than full strength (who isn't these days!) at the upcoming Miranda Inter-Centre, due to one of their players being in hospital. Their full Miranda line-up has yet to be announced.

20th August 1995

Retribution has broken up, due to one of their players leaving the game. The remaining members have decided to form a new team, and are searching for appropriate new players.

The Governing Body now consists of four people, due to Richard Bennett's leaving.

Phoenix have lost one of their permanent members. The replacement has yet to be announced.

19th August 1995

A Randwick Inter-Centre is back on the cards, with the news that they may be installing new batteries, and at least SU03 energisers. It has been over a year since the centre has held a representative level competition.

6th August 1995

The August Inter-Centre Challenge at the Wollongong centre was won by Therapists (Wollongong), followed by Wonderlust (Blacktown), Phoenix (Manly) and Retribution (Manly). Also competing, in no particular order, were Thalidamide (Wollongong), Psychosis (Wollongong), Dirty Half Dozen (Canberra), Miranda (Miranda) and Specialists (Wollongong).

5th August 1995

The Wollongong centre has installed a viewing area in their vesting room, giving a 270 degree view of the maze.

4th August 1995

The final anti-tit-sensor changes have been made to the Wollongong packs, in preparation for the August Inter-Centre. These changes, along with new batteries, should make this Inter-Centre the fairest and most interesting to date.

1st August 1995

The September 1995 Inter-Centre has been set for the 3rd of September, to be held at the recently upgraded Miranda centre. Games start at 8:30am. and will cost $120 per team.

Confirmation of attendance is required, on voice (+61 2) 9772111

9th July 1995

The August Inter-Centre has been set for the 5th-6th August, to be held at the Wollongong centre. Games start at 6:30pm on the 5th, and 9am on the 6th. $120 per team. Confirmation of attendance is required, on voice (+61 2) 9772111. Special arrangements may be made if you cannot attend the Saturday night.

3rd July 1995

The Blacktown centre has now got software update 04 installed. This version is not the AA01 system as used at the Miranda centre and in the Asian market.

The centre has also hired a new technician, to replace the one who left a week before the March-April Inter-Centre.

1st-2nd July 1995

The second National Laserzone Championships were held over the weekend at the ACT Laserzone centre in Canberra, and were eventually won, as in every competition this year, by Therapists from Wollongong. The runners up, again as in almost every Inter-Centre this year, were the previous winners, Manly's Retribution.

Therapists won the first game of the finals, and Retribution conceded the second.

Third place for the second Inter-Centre in a row, were Manly team The Phoenix in only their second Inter-Centre competition. Therapists beat The Phoenix in both games of their semi-finals, and progressed through to the finals.

Rounding out the top four, were Blacktown's Wonderlust, who lost their semi-finals to Retribution.

Also competing, in no particular order, were Syndicate (Canberra), Dirty Half Dozen (Canberra), CK Inc. (Penrith), Psychosis (Wollongong) and Specialists (Wollongong).