Team biographies

Laserzone Inter-Centre Challenges are held every four to five weeks, with national championships held twice per year. At these competitions, teams from different centres get together to compete.

Many local and Inter-Centre teams have come and gone over the years (there are over 30 officially documented), however, the following teams have either had the consistency to have appeared more than once at an Inter-Centre Challenge, or have actually won it.


At their peak, Blackwatch consisted of over twenty players, mostly from the Blacktown (plus ex-Liverpool) and Penrith centres. They have competed in one Inter-Centre (the first Miranda Inter-Centre in 1994), and one Laser League.

Players: Mark Ramm, Jason Ramm, Terry Lions, Michael ?, Jamie Owers


Formed for the first Manly Laser League in early 1994, Death Wish's players were staff from the Manly centre, and from Laserzone management. They played one Laser League, and an Inter-Centre before politically self destructing when most of their players quit their positions with the company.

Players: Robert Gaunt, Sacha Ambrose, Michael Payne, Michael Prior, Chris ?, Craig ?


Having the furthest to travel than any other team, The Dirty 1/2 Dozen usually compete in Inter-Centre Challenges with three players, and bring in two local centre mercenaries on the day. All their permanent players are from Canberra, and represent the ACT centre.

Players: Steve Sawatzki, Shayne Howard, Yiannis Pascadilis, Brett Howel, Steve Davies, Simon Gotzinger, John Hamer, Ann Thompsett, Andrew Roughan (M), Mathew Nance (M), Neale Jones (M), Gordon Thorpe (M), Robert Lee (M)


The Miranda store's B team started playing Inter-Centre at the September 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge, held at their own Miranda store.


This team contains players from both the Manly and Wollongong stores, and includes an Australian under-19s Rugby player!

Players: Isope Matakalongo, Karen Sztachanski, Marin Cruelin, Simon Lee, Anthony Stegic


The Blacktown centre staff team has only varied slightly since the team began in mid-1994.

Players: Sally ?, Adrian Aldridge, Gavin De La Garde, Phil Dixon, Neale Jones, Michael Maczek, Jorge Imperial, Ross Wilson, Sean ?

September 1994 Inter-Centre Trophy (Blacktown)


Privately representing the George St. store, they competed in the first three Inter-Centres, before better teams were asked to compete.

Players: Rodney Hollingsworth, Sacha Ambrose, Mathew Laffan, Rod Ho, Simon ?, Khoa Hong, Jacob ?, William ?


Miranda's A grade travelling team varies from competition to competition, with invariably one or two consistent players. As of September 1995, they settled permanently on the name Malevolence.

Players: Daniel Shorten, Greg ?, Damien Cummings, Shane Cummings, Scott McConville, Steve Grainger


After defeating 14 teams in the Penrith local league, Penrith started competing in Inter-Centres under such names as Lionstrike and Penrith Laserzone All Stars. They left their mark permanently etched in the annals of Laserzone history.

Players: Glen Butler-Flemming, Paul Turner, Jason ?, Shane Turner, Lee Kirkwood, Mark Hodgson, Alex Zimbownellis


Formed in May 1995, out of disgruntled ex-Retribution and ex-Serious players, Phoenix had already beaten all the top teams after only their first two Inter-Centres, yet never made it into a final. They broke up on the 6th of November 1995, due to political problems.

Members: Michael Payne, Robert Lee, Gordon Thorpe, Irene Sekler, Marin Cruelin, Thierry Pelaez, Andrew Roughan (M), Rodrigo del Busto (M), Fiona Shepard (M)


Wollongong's B team is usually selected from try-outs held before each competition.

Players: Angela McCulloch, Scott McCulloch, Andrew Newbold, Nick Bentley, Daniel Redden, Andrew Pirie, Paul Bowden, Luke Mason, Jimmy Neckacovski, Chris Wonson, Robert Millington, Michael Daum, Daniel Hazelton, Karen Sztachanski, Murray Dakas, Alex Rodillia, Michael Payne, Ravi Raval, Daniel Shorten


Retribution consists of six permanent players from the George St. (which no longer exists) and Manly centres. Over the years they've represented a number of centres, including George St., Manly and Randwick. Their latest incarnation is Retribution mark V.

Players: Richard Bennett, Peter Bryant, Jason Tisdell, Sean Craig, Sam Rutherford, Mathew Nance, Chris ?, Gordon Thorpe, Michael Payne, Shiona Dunford, Robert Gaunt (M), Andrew Roughan (M), Cameron Brawn (M)

April 1996 Inter-Centre Challenge (Blacktown)
March 1996 Inter-Centre Challenge (Wollongong)
December 1994 Inter-Centre Challenge / Summer 1994 Nationals (ACT)
August 1994 Inter-Centre Trophy (Manly)
July 1994 Inter-Centre Representative League (George St.)
June 1994 Inter-Centre Representative League (Randwick)
May 1994 Inter-Centre Representative League (Manly)


Using variations of the word "Serious" (eg. Slightly Serious, Mostly Serious etc.) as varying team names, Serious was the Manly centre's "selection" team, based around the centre's various managers and their technician. The name is sarcastic, as they mainly competed for fun. They self destructed in May 1995, when many of the players started getting too serious (no pun intended) about the game.

Players: Rodrigo del Busto, Ann Thompsett, Michael Payne, Chris ?, Ben ?, Shiona Dunford, Fiona Shepard, Gordon Thorpe, Irene Sekler, Thierry Pelaez, Robert Lee


Wollongong's C team is usually selected from try-outs held before each competition.

Players: Ian Taylor, Dean Willis, Joel Martiska, Robert Millington, Mathew Govers, David Larsen, Murray Dakas, Rodney Douglas, Alex Rodilla, Evan Hannam, Steve Lopez, Chris Wonson, Paul Bowden, Michael Daum, Daniel Redden, Nick Jansen, Craig ?


Syndicate were a Canberra based staff team, and only competed in competitions which are held at the ACT centre, which fortunately for them included the Summer and Winter nationals. The team broke up when a management change hired new staff.

Players: John Hamers, John ?, Stewart ?, Andrew ?, Nick ?, Ann Thompsett


Wollongong's A team is the most successful team currently playing the game, and currently holds the record (six) for the longest Inter-Centre Challenge winning streak. Because the team is selected by try-outs, the tactics and play style changes from competition to competition, making them very difficult to beat.

Players: Edward Cope, Andrew Newbold, Nick Bentley, Ravi Raval, Andrew Pirie, Daniel Hazelton, Scott McCulloch, Dave Dent, Neville Ellis, Mark Alhorvita, Daniel Redden, Ian Taylor

January 1996 Inter-Centre Challenge / Summer 1995 Nationals (ACT)
October 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Randwick)
August 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Wollongong)
July 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge / Winter 1995 Nationals (ACT)
June 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Manly)
April 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Blacktown)
February / March 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (George St.)
January 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Wollongong)
October 1994 Inter-Centre Challenge (Wollongong)/p>


The Liverpool centre's A team was selected by try-outs. They broke up when the centre closed down in mid-1994.

Players: Steve Mould Jr., Steve Mould Sr., Matt Mould, William Morgan, Ellie Bob, Gideon Bob, Martin ?

April 1994 Inter-Centre Representative League (Liverpool)


Wollongong's representative team for the first two Inter-Centres. Named after Andrew "Carnage" Newbold.

Players: Dave Dent, Neville Ellis, Barry Rogers, Edward Cope, Daniel Hazelton, Andrew Newbold, Tony Hyde, Nick Bentley, David Hamer, Andrew Pirie, Chris Hamer


Wollongong's second representative team for the first two Inter-Centres.

Players: Jimmy Neckacovski, Karen Sztachanski, Jaye Godbold, Darren Thompson, Daniel Hazelton, Tony Hyde, Andrew Allport, Peter Haye, Colin Haye


Formed from the break up of the Liverpool centre's representative teams (Transcendental Warriors and The Wooden Spoons) and Blackwatch, Wonderlust are one of the oldest teams competing. They have a steady five player team, and have represented the Blacktown and Liverpool centres at various times. One of the most prolific teams, they have also entered and won more local leagues than any other team.

Players: Steve Mould Sr., Steve Mould Jr., Mat Mould, Brent Martin, Robert "Simmo" Daley, Adrian Aldridge, Alex Zimbownellis, Gavin de la Garde

September 1995 Inter-Centre Challenge (Miranda)


Liverpool's B team, also selected by try-outs, broke up not long after the Liverpool store closed. In their last Inter-Centre, they beat The Warriors (their A team) and went into the finals against Retribution in the first Randwick Laser League.

Players: James Searle, Russell Howes, Martin ?, Robert "Simmo" Daley, Brent Martin, Mark Lang, Nathan ?, Stuart ?, Brian Field

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