[RICHO AND PETO LOGO] Dissin' the 'chair for dissin' Richo's home town

Richo: Peto!

Peto: Richo!

Richo: Petey!

Peto: Richmeister!

Richo: Pasty!

Peto: Richman!

Richo: Petemeister!

Peto: Ricky Dicky!

[ Richard breaks up into laughter ]

Richo: No, that's, that's not where I'm going at all.

Peto: Ha, ha, ha, bad luck. You're not gonna go that far, are ya?

Richo: No, I'm not gonna go that far.

Peto: OK, ahhh, welcome to ...

Richo: To wot?

Peto: I don't know.

Richo: I don't know.

Peto: It's too late to ...

Richo: We sort of ...

Peto: What, what are we doin' here?

Richo: We sort of walked in, and ...

Peto: At twenty to three, here in the studio? What is this?

Richo: I fought it was Monday morning, but ...

Peto: Yeah, so did I.

Richo: But this Mr. Music man, sort of had a go at me.

Peto: Is this... He just said to us, come and have a bit of a chat about, about music.

Richo: Right.

Peto: But I tell you what I wanted to have a chat about mate.

Richo: Were you ...

Peto: I was gonna have a talk about this on breakfast on Monday, but I slept in, 'cause I had too much bourbon. What I wanted to talk about, was these young ...

[ AC/DC live, kicks in underneath ]

Peto: Oooh I, Oooh, I can here a bit of the ol' acca daccas in the background.

Richo: Wooah!

Peto: Wooah! Thank you Panelmeister.

Richo: Ol' fungo as we used to call 'im.

Peto: Oooh, exactly ...

[ They all break up laughing ]

Peto: Ol' fungo ...

Richo: Ol' fungus ...

Peto: Fungus, Fungus Young ... As I was sayin' mate, what I was gonna talk about was those young turks, that are out there ...

Richo: Young turks ... be free tonight ...

Peto: silverch ... Silver ... Silverseat, I think they're called.

Richo: That's it.

Peto: Silverlounge or somethin'.

Richo: Silverlining, I think it ...

Peto: Silverlining, that's the one, 'cause every cloud has one.

Richo: It does.

Peto: I heard a bit of a rumour during the week, that they dissed out their home town of Newcastle.

Richo: Newcastle?

Peto: Newca ... They're hunter boy, they're hunter boys.

Richo: My 'ome town!

Peto: It's your home town?

Richo: It is my 'ome town.

Peto: You did some deliveries up there.

Richo: They rebuilt that town.

Peto: They did rebuild ...

[ They all break up laughing ]

Peto: That was af ... hey, that was after the Angels gig, wasn't it?

Richo: They did, they did. I was gonna say.

Peto: They killed that town, at the Angels gig.

Richo: No, it was a good gig.

Peto: It wa ... oh it was a vicious gig.

Richo: It was like ... and we got up there, and there was like a lot of rain, and wet things ...

Peto: Sleetin' ...

Richo: Falling from the sky ...

Peto: There was.

Richo: And we went into the gig, and we saw Docco, and all ahhh, all the, all the 'angers on.

Peto: Exactly ... they was lookin' at us goin' ...

Richo: All the musos, that he's got up there to sing all the songs he writes.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: Exactly, wasted people.

Richo: That's right. And then we came out, and the town was gone!

Peto: It was gone!

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: And, you know, we just looked around and thought, well, good gig I guess.

Peto: It was that, that one final version ...

Richo: That's it.

Peto: Of Take a Long Line.

Richo: Oooh, they took a very long line.

Peto: Oooh ...

Richo: And they dragged it right through the town.

Peto: A fault line, straight frough the town.

Richo: They did. With a great grappling hook on the end of it.

Peto: o/~ Take a fault line, take a fault line o/~

Richo: A fault line.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: o/~ Take a fault line o/~

Richo: Well that's what it used to be called.

Peto: o/~ crack 'em up. o/~

Richo: That's what it was called.

Peto: Oh right.

Richo: And they ahh ...

Peto: Changed the lyrics.

Richo: Yeah, it was topical.

Peto: It was topical, yeah.

Richo: 'Cause ahh, they got a call from the ABA, and they said no we're not allowed to talk about ...

Peto: You're not allowed to incite earthquakes after your gig.

Richo: No. So, so you were saying?

Peto: I was talking about silverchair.

Richo: Dissed Newcastle.

Peto: They dissed Newcastle, and ahh, it created somefing of a, of a, fracass ...

Richo: A fucaar?

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: I fracass, I said.

Richo: That's what I said! A fracaar!

Peto: A fracaar!

Richo: A fracaar!

Peto: But ahh, at Newcastle, because I believe the ahh, the bass player, Chris somebody or other ...

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: Joh, Joh ... Jean Claude Van Damme

Richo: Johnjalah.

Peto: Chris Jean, Jean, Jeanjalaih.

Richo: Jeanjalaih.

Peto: Ahhh ...

Richo: Good Aussie boy.

Peto: Good Aussie boy, used to walk up to people in Newcastle and say ...

Richo: Fuck off.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: No, he wouldn't do that ...

Richo: Oh right.

Peto: Please mate, please ...

Richo: OK, sorry.

Peto: Poo ...

Richo: OK.

Peto: That's the word you're meant to use, poo, poo off. So what he used to do, was walk up the people in Newcastle and say, "Would you like my autograph?" And people would look at 'im and say, "Fuck off"

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: That's what they would do.

[ Pause, Richo is in hysterics ]

Peto: Now, the problem, is that these Newcastle boys are ...

Richo: That's what they are, they're boys ...

Peto: They're dissin' ...

[ Peto coughs ]

Peto: Dissin' they're 'ome town. And you can't do that ...

Richo: Why not?

Peto: You know ...

Richo: Why not, it's a shit town!

[ They break up ]

Peto: That's not the point mate! It's not the point!

Richo: I know it's not the point.

Peto: You're not allowed ...

Richo: Not the point.

Peto: You, you stay loyal ...

Richo: No.

Peto: To your, to your roots.

Richo: No.

Peto: Bloody roots!

Richo: Deez lads, you know, are da future, of, of acca dacca makin' it big all 'round the world.

Peto: They are, they are, I mean ...

Richo: Well, actually they have, aven't they.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: They 'ave.

Richo: They're not actually the future at all.

Peto: No.

Richo: No, they're just a liddle kiddie band really.

Peto: They're the future today.

Richo: The future today. No, these liddle kiddies, you know, they're, they're holding the future, of ahh, of ahh, Aussie rock ...

Peto: Aussie rock.

Richo: Aussie rock, on their ...

Peto: Exactly.

Richo: On their miniscule shoulders. You know ...

Peto: Exactly, and what happens ...

Richo: They go overseas, you know, and they are the spittin' image, of what this country represents.

Peto: What happens though mate, when they take that, that giant leap off that ...

Richo: Bridge.

Peto: That Oz rock springboard, and, and, and they leap into the great wide and particularly ...

Richo: Casm.

Peto: The lead singer of course being the person who ...

Richo: Oh, Jeff St. John, or whatever his name is.

Peto: Yeah, that's his name, Jeff St. John.

Richo: Jeff St. John.

Peto: Yeah, something like that. Yeah, no it's Elton John, I think his name is.

Richo: That's it.

Peto: When he takes this giant leap off ...

Richo: For mankind.

Peto: Yeah exactly, leap off the stage of life, into the great wide open casm of world rock.

Richo: A concrete slab.

Peto: Yeah! What's gonna happen to 'im?

Richo: He's gonna hit 'is face, that's what he's gonna do!

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: Gonna fall flat on 'is face, 'cause no bastard's catch him out there in that world.

Richo: No, that's right.

Peto: No one is gonna catch him.

Richo: So ahh, what's this got to do with them dissin' Newcastle?

Peto: Absolutely nothing.

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: Nothin'.

Peto: Absolutely, sodding nothing.

Richo: So what happenned? They dissed my 'ome town?

Peto: They dissed your home town. And ahh, their, their manager, a Mr., I believe a Mr. John Watson ...

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: From ahh, Murmur.

Richo: No relation.

Peto: No relation. Said ahh, that ahh they weren't actually dissin' Newcastle, but they were misquoted. So when they actually said that "Newcastle is full of beep heads"

Richo: They meant Melbourne.

Peto: They meant Melbourne. Exactly. They were misquoted.

Richo: Right.

Peto: And ahh, and I understand that.

Richo: I un ... I fell for that one too ...

Peto: I fell for that one as well ...

Richo: And I was mis ...

Peto: These ...

Richo: I was mis ...

Peto: These journalistic ...

Richo: Misrepresented.

Peto: Misrepresenting people, you know ...

Richo: You know.

Peto: I mean Newcastle, Melbourne, OK there is a certain similarity, in the wording.

Richo: Mmm... They both got ahhh, an "e" in it.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: They both got an "e" in it, and "n" and "m" are like next to each other in the alphabet. So I mean I can understand that. But, you know, I think, I think a liddle more of this journalistic integrity needs to be made here.

Richo: Oh, integrity.

Peto: Integrity.

Richo: Of course integrity.

Peto: But there's not any.

Richo: I mean, what ... you know, you expect ... a degree ... of integrity.

Peto: You do. But you don't get it ...

Richo: You don't get it.

Peto: I mean Newcastle, Melbourne, it's a tricky distinction, but ...

Richo: You don't get, because they don't get it ...

Peto: You would feel a trained journalists should be able to ...

Richo: They just don't get it. And that's the bottom line.

Peto: That is the bottom line. I feel sorry for the boys from the chair.

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: Or the lounge, or the lining, I feel sorry for 'em, because they have been misrepresented in the media.

Richo: Yeah. Them young, them young kiddies, you know, they should be given, given a bit of a chance, you know, because ahh, you should see the house they live in, it's right next to mine actually ...

Peto: Is it?

Richo: Yeah. I wasn't gonna let on, but ahh, it's a liddle ramshackle fing umm, but ahh, no ...

Peto: It that ahh, you want that to end somewhere, or do you want me to pick it up and run with it?

Richo: You can run.

Peto: I can run with it.

Richo: Or you can walk, I don't care.

Peto: Or walk, with that one.

Richo: So...

Peto: So, ahh, you are actually influential in, the development of the chair?

Richo: A bit of development.

Peto: Bit of development.

Richo: Bit of development. You know, but I don't wanna steal, don't wanna steal their thunder.

Peto: You ahh ...

Richo: And the thunder's all theirs. You know, they get out there on the road, and, you know ...

Peto: The thunder road.

Richo: They show that there's more to Australia than AC/DC.

Peto: But there's not.

Richo: There's the Angels.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: Yeah, exactly, and the Rads ... and the Oils, and the Chisels of course. But, I wanna work on this mate, because this could be ground breaking and I think ...

Richo: Well it was in Newcastle, about three years ago, very ground breaking actually.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: o/~ Take the fault line o/~

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: That's the one.

Richo: That was them rehearsing, that.

Peto: Was it.

Richo: I think that's why they sound ...

Peto: Now, you of course, as you said, live next to the chair. And ahh, did you ever get involved in their rehearsals?

Richo: No.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: No. ... Did you ever get involved in the recording of their debut album, ummm, Tread on Some Soggy Green Things?

Richo: No.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: No, you've never been involved in that.

Richo: I get involv ...

Peto: You're not helpin' me mate!

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: I'm so ...

Peto: You're just letting me ...

Richo: No ...

Peto: Sink into the depths ...

Richo: No, I did go over there one day. I said "Can you keep the noise down!"

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: And they said "Beep you!"

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: "Mate." And, but I tell you what, I think that view that you took, with that keepin' the noise down, really changed them.

Richo: But I did help with the new album.

Peto: You did? Freakshow.

Richo: That's it.

Peto: Was named after you wasn't it mate?

Richo: Wasn't named after me, but I gave 'em the name.

Peto: You did.

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: And where, what, how did it come about?

Richo: Because they're a bit of a travelling freakshow. You know ...

Peto: That's pretty, pretty intellectual of ya mate.

Richo: Like ... they're very young ...

Peto: They are very young.

Richo: And they're, and they're outstanding musicians.

Peto: Oh, outstanding.

Richo: I mean, that lead guitarist, people don't know this, he plays violin ...

Peto: Does he?

Richo: Piano, drums, and fyfe.

[ They all break up ]

Peto: Wow. And fyfe. Wow, I mean, he'd be really useful on ahh, fourth of July celebrations, but apart from that I can't see much applicable use in rock and roll. I mean, have you ever heard the ...

Richo: Hello.

Peto: Blackmore's go out there ...

Richo: Hello!

Peto: And do a ...

Richo: Hello? No, no.

Peto: Fyfe solo?

Richo: No, no ...

Peto: Well, I haven't.

Richo: No, no, Peto.

Peto: Heard acca dacca do a fyfe solo? I haven't.

Richo: Can I just drop one word in here Peto?

Peto: Yeah sure.

Richo: Which may just ...

Peto: Shut me up?

Richo: Throw your whole argument out the door ... Tull!

[ pause ]

Peto: That throws out my argument. Out of the door.

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: Thank you very much.

Peto: Ian Anderson, legend. Sorry, I completely forgot ...

Richo: Thank you.

Peto: Flute solos.

Richo: That's it.

Peto: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you were right.

Richo: So, freakshow I think we were up to, I pull him aside, or little Johnny as we called him. You know, I said "freakshow might be nice, might be nice, because you got the topical Jim Jones."

Peto: Yeah, exactly.

Richo: Yeah, and you've got the fact that it's a show.

Peto: Is that all, it was ... it's a more of ... it could've been called feak event.

Richo: Exactly. And be ... and they're all like liddle kiddies.

Peto: Yeah.

Richo: And they play so well.

Peto: They do.

Richo: You know.

Peto: So, freakshow.

Richo: Mmmm ... And their drummer ... their drummer also plays tamborine.

Peto: Oh, err, umm ... that's good. I actually heard though mate, that, that ...

Richo: He's good!

Peto: I know he is.

Richo: He's very good.

Peto: Well, I actually heard that he writes all the songs.

Richo: Well, he does.

Peto: You know, this, this, this, Johns character, is a front.

Richo: Oh e's a, he's a paid ahh, contractor.

Peto: Is he?

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: So he's just brought into like front the band and look like Kurt Cobain.

Richo: Well he is an affront, that's what he is.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: He's a big affront!

Richo: You know, I told 'em, I told 'em you know, you, you should've kept old ahh, old Davo. But ahhh ...

Peto: Davo?

Richo: But ahh no, they threw 'im out.

Peto: Did they?

Richo: And they got 'im in instead.

Peto: Well I heard though, they were gonna use, be using your s ...

Richo: No, I mean.

Peto: They were gonna be using your s ...

Richo: Just 'cause Davo's only got like four fingers!

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: You know, it doesn't mean he can't play guitar!

Peto: Davo's your son?

Richo: He is my son.

Peto: Davo is your son?

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: I mean, let, let, let's just bring this, this, this contraversy out in the open here. Davo is in fact your son?

[ pause ]

Richo: He is.

Peto: He is. And he's only got ...

Richo: Well, he was ...

Peto: He's only got four fingers ...

Richo: He did.

Peto: He did.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: Ahh, there's a past tense here!

Richo: Well, he got ... he got caught in a freak piano accident.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: He did. Was it the retuning that did 'im was it?

Richo: No, it f ...

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: I know where this is goin', and you're not goin' there! You're just gonna ...

[ pause ]

Richo: It fell on 'im.

[ They all break up ]

Peto: Not as funny as I thought we was headin', but not bad though. Umm ... No not even ... actually it was crap, to be honest, but that's OK. So Davo being your son, was gonna be frontin' silverchair?

Richo: Well he was ...

Peto: But ahh ...

Richo: In the early days, when they were called the watchamacallits.

Peto: Innocent criminals.

Richo: That's it. Innocent criminals.

Peto: 'Cause he's at well ... Do you know why they kicked him out of the, out of the band though? Davo wasn't an innocent criminal, he was a guilty criminal!

Richo: Look, no.

Peto: Come on, he 'as, he has a record.

Richo: Yeah ... So? ... Now who doesn't? That's what I wanna know.

Peto: That's a good point.

Richo: Who doesn't?

Peto: Who doesn't. That's true.

Richo: I mean, think of all the great names ...

Peto: But how could he be in a group called the innocent criminals, when he was actually guilty?

Richo: I know ... Well I had a word with 'em and I said, look, innocent criminals, doesn't make sense really, does it?

Peto: It d ... It doesn't really, it's a bit of a, it's a bit of a contraction in terms.

Richo: I said, why don't you change your name to Electric Chair?

Peto: That's ... I like that one. I like that one.

Richo: Sort of topical, it's a criminal fing.

Peto: It's a criminal fing, keeps that, keeps that criminals aspect happenin' there.

Richo: They said, "ahhh, Richo, we'll keep that in mind."

Peto: Mmm ...

Richo: "We'll keep that in mind." And then a month later, Davo comes home and he's been thrown out of the band.

Peto: Uhuh.

Richo: And ahh, this liddle ahh, tosser gets up, plays guitar. I mean, come on, no one catches him.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: Exactly. Catch me I'm fallin'.

Richo: That's right, and, silverchair.

Peto: Exactly. Well, and the small "s" as well. What was the, what was the, what was the deal with the small "s"? Are you ... have any inside goss on, on why the, the name silverchair has just a small "s"?

Richo: Yeah I do.

Peto: And ... yeah, OK?

Richo: But I'm not allowed to tell you actually.

Peto: You're gonna make me lead again, aren't you?

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: 'Cause I can tell you now, that I've got no beepin' idea.

Richo: They swore ...

Peto: I was really hoping you were gonna run with it.

Richo: They swore me to secrecy.

Peto: Did they?

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: Uhuh.

Richo: They said, "oh alright," you know, "'cause Davo used to be in the band, we'll tell ya, but ahh, you're not allowed to tell anybody."

Peto: Does it have anything to do with ahh, Don Walker?

Richo: That's it.

Peto: It does?

Richo: That's it.

Peto: It's to do with Don Walker.

Richo: It's got a lot to do with Don Walker.

Peto: OK. You're not going to reveal any more?

Richo: No, because I have no idea what you're talking about.

[ They break up laughing ]

Peto: You think I've got any idea what I'm talking about?

Richo: No, I'm sure it's going somewhere.

Peto: It's ... no it's not actually.

Richo: It's not?

Peto: No.

Richo: Oh.

Peto: Well that's the end of silverchair really.

Richo: That's the end of silverchair. So, ahh, I fink, I just think, as a wrap up, that umm ... you know, the kiddies should be given a chance ...

Peto: They should be given a chance.

Richo: To rock out and do as many drugs as possible across the United States.

Peto: To become like this band we are listening to currently. They ... to become like the acca daccas.

Richo: Acca daccas.

Peto: That hail Caeser.

Richo: 'Cause they're goin' that way, at the moment.

Peto: They are goin' that way, I think, I think, I have a feeling that Daniel Johns will keep, ahh, his school uniform on, and will become the new, ahh, Angus Young.

Richo: Well you see, he doesn't have to ummm ... worry about ordering one, because he's already got one.

Peto: That's a good point. Or, he could really do the best thing for humanity, and become more like Bon Scott.

[ They break up laughing ]

Richo: Dead.

Peto: Dead. Exactly.

Richo: Yeah.

Peto: Completely and utterly dead.

Richo: Yeah ... I think I've heard enough of this ...

Peto: I think we have.

Richo: OK, take it away.

Peto: Richo and Peto's breakfast program, Monday morning!

Richo: 6am to ...

Peto: 8am.

Richo: 8am.

Peto: Well, around about 6.

Richo: Depending on the cab.

Peto: Exactly. Rock and roll, Angus Young.

[ AC/DC finishes. Kicks into "New Race" by Radio Birdman ]

Richo and Peto appeared on the radio show A Walk in the Black Forest, on the 19th of February 1997, to discuss silverchair's dissing of Richo's home town of Newcastle.