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Laserzone is an Australian laser game, with centres throughout the states NSW and ACT on the east coast of Australia.

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    Reference materials

    Competition Results
    We publish results here a day or two after each competition. Full competition results and player statistics are also available from our file archives.
    Competition Rules
    The Inter-Centre rule book and related documents are available from our file archives.
    Governing Body
    The Governing Body currently consists of Richard Bennett (Blacktown), Nick Bentley (Wollongong), Peter Bryant (Manly), Andrew Newbold (Wollongong) and Steve Sawatzki (ACT). They organise and run the Inter-Centre competitions.
    Inter-Centre Challenge
    The top level representative competition, held every four to five weeks at alternating centres.
    The Judiciary currently consists of Steve Mould Sr. (Blacktown), Steve Sawatzki (ACT), Daniel Shorten (Miranda), Ian Taylor (Wollongong) and Gordon Thorpe (Manly). They deal with game/rule complaints at Inter-Centre competitions.
    Laser League
    A predecessor of today's Inter-Centre Challenge, where the winners would win cash instead of a representative trophy. They were held every two months, alternating with Inter-Centres.
    Teams, competitions and this site are all open to offers of sponsorship. If you would like your logo presented on team t-shirts, competition banners, or WWW pages, then please send us email.
    Team rankings
    Teams are ranked using set formulae, based upon their performances in past competitions. These rankings are the basis for pool draws at subsequent competitions.

    Credits and Contact Information

    Designed and authored in Australia, by Richard Bennett, with absolutely NO thanks to head office, who seem to not give a shit about the reliability of the equipment, and are content to see it rapidly deteriorate as long as overseas franchises keep selling, with thanks to THIS site.

    If you are considering this equipment, just say no!

    I must thank the following people for their help in setting up this site: Peter Bryant (for filling in the team, stats and dates holes which I had, and for the use of his scanner!), Brent Martin (for his encyclopedic knowledge of past names and events!), Mat and Steve Mould Jr. (additional Blackwatch and Transcendental Warriors info), Andrew Newbold (Wollongong photos), Steve Sawatzki (missing Canberra/ACT team information), Nick Bentley (missing info regarding various trophies he's won! :-), Angela McCulloch (Inter-Centre photographer) and Ian Taylor (humour beyond the call of Specialist / Therapist duty).

    Special thanks to the following people for personal reasons all those months ago: Nick Bentley, Peter Bryant, Robert "Simmo" Daley, Shiona Dunford, Mat Mould, Steve Mould Jr., Steve Mould Sr. and Irene Sekler.

    For more information/feedback, please email Richard Bennett.

    Last update: 3rd November 1997

    This site is dedicated to Irene Sekler, and those like her likewise addicted to the game who can never play again due to injury or related reasons.


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