[RICHO AND PETO LOGO] Who are Richo and Peto?

Richo and Peto can be found on Sydney radio station 2RRR, 88.5 FM. They have no set day or time of appearance, but usually do either breakfast or Tuesday nights. Their appearances these days are very rare indeed.

These days, Richo and Peto drive trucks during the day, or just hang out at the pub, smoking too many cigarettes or having too many bourbons. They live off a modest income of royalties, particularly Richo, from assisting the greats in Aussie rock. Richo has worked with them all, and in his day, was one of the guiding lights in the rock industry, yet was able to stay relatively unknown. Well, completely unknown actually ...

You can send them feedback, and they'll be more than happy to answer any philsophical conundrums you may have.